Powerlifter fulfils dream of opening gym in Kidderminster
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Powerlifter fulfils dream of opening gym in Kidderminster

Charlie Wilson, aged 29, has now opened the doors to Wyreside Barbell on Stourport Road, a gym which is “elite for powerlifting.”

The gym owner, who has won several lifting competitions, said he’s dreamed about opening his place since he was a teenager, when he started training at the former Unique gym in the town.

“I literally got the gym bug and it took over my life,” Charlie said.

Kidderminster Shuttle:

“It changed my life mentally and physically. I got into powerlifting when I was 18.

“I won the British championship last year in the under 90 kilo category. That was a big achievement for me.

“I have always had the dream to open up my own gym to create a community within the gym”.

Charlie says that the gym, which is located on the first floor of Bridge House, above Hamilton Motors, is suitable for all abilities, but is fully kitted out for powerlifting.

Kidderminster Shuttle:

He added: “It’s elite for powerlifting. I’ve already got a diverse range of members.

“My aim is to create a community within the gym, get a good atmosphere and promote positive mental health”.

Membership costs £30 a month, £160 for six months, and £300 for the year.

Charlie said there will be special gym offers in the new year. 

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